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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM ** ** ** ....NEW YORK, JUNE 8, 2005....Heidi Klum with her mother Erna, hubby Seal and baby Leni all take a hot day in the city to walk over to Da Silvano for lunch. After feeding themselves and the baby, the party gathers everything together and heads for their black SUV. In the short distance between the car and the restaurant another photographer gets too close to baby Leni. Heidi's mom Erna starts pushing the photographer away from the baby. In a flash Seal becomes enraged and actually grabs the photographer by the throat. Several people step in to seperate the two. Heidi Klum is noticeably absent while her mother Erna tries to help Seal regain control. Seal singles out another photographer for more special attention. Shortly after they all get into the SUV and leave.....Please byline: Philip Vaughan -- ACE PICTURES... *** ***  ..Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Craig Ashby (212) 243-8787..e-mail: