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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM . . . . .  ....March 30 2006, New York City....British Supermodel Naomi Campbell leaves the MidTown North Precinct in Midtown Manhattan following her arrest for assault. She has since been transported to Manhattan Criminal Court for processing. It has been repirted here that she assaulted a woman earlier today, and the woman requierd stiches to a would to the back of her head. Campbell, who was laughing as she left the precinct, was wearing a large fur poncho, so it is unconfirmed wether or not she was handcuffed.....Please byline: AJ Sokalner - ACEPIXS.COM..... *** ***..Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Philip Vaughan (212) 243-8787 or (646) 769 0430..e-mail: