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** MANDATORY: FEE MUST BE AGREED BEFORE USE **..Madonna and her family spend some quality time in Central Park. After returning from kabbalah center, Madonna, her husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes (Lola) and Rocco went to Central Park to spend some family time together. Under heavy escort of 6 bodyguards, English and American, Madonna and family were driven to Tavern on the Green where they got out of the car and walked through Central Park to a children's playground located on the east side of the park. Dressed casually, Madonna and family blended in perfectly with other parents and children, who did not take any notice of the famed couple. Madonna was seen enjoying rock climbing while her son Rocco climbed whatever he could grab with his tiny hands. It is good to know that Rocco is growing to be very strong. He needed very little help from his father, Guy Ritchie, as he climbed up the pole. The happy family was also seen coasting down the slide with Madonna taking lead. Later, Rocco, who was labeled 'Rocco' on the back of his shirt, enjoyed a flight between his parents while on the swing. After several hours of playing with their children, Guy Ritchie and Madonna relaxed on the bench surrounded by bodyguards. Lourdes decided to replenish her dad's strenght by offering Ritchie a bite of her ice cream, which he took gladly. Rocco, who witnessed the whole scene, took good care of his mother Madonna by offering her a bite of his own ice cream. NEW YORK, JUNE 12, 2004. Please byline: ALECSEY BOLDESKUL/ACE Pictures.   .. *** ***  ..All Celebrity Entertainment, Inc: Alecsey Boldeskul (646) 267-6913 ..Philip Vaughan (646) 769-0430..e-mail: