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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM . . . . . ....NEW YORK, MAY 3, 2005....Jennifer Lopez arrives at a sceduled appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, with just a glimpse of hubby Marc Anthony, amidst a PETA protest. PETA has actively pursued Jennifer Lopez since her Sweetface fashion show in February of 2005 which featured fur as essential part of the collection. In these pictures we see Jennifer Lopez arrive in a black strapless dress at the The Late Show studio. During her photo opportunity the male PETA activist tries to attack Jennifer Lopez and is apprehended by the police. The police then cart off the activist and his poster. Snoop Dogg, the musical guest for the same show, waits cautiously in his car for things to calm down and lightens the mood by playing with a gun pendant on his necklace. It's not until Snoop gets out of his car that you can see that Snoop Dogg is also wearing fur. Apparently he doesn't warrant his own PETA protest sign. After taping the show, sis Lynda Lopez makes her way out to see if the coast is clear. Shortly after Jennifer Lopez is seen exiting in jeans and casual wear. She waves and smiles for our camera but quickly heads to her car.....Please byline: KRISTIN CALLAHAN - ACE PICTURES.. . . . . . ..Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Craig Ashby (212) 243-8787..e-mail: